Shoonyata Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a electronic health records and practice/surgery management application. It features fully integrated electronic health records, practice management, scheduling, electronic billing, internationalization, mobile version of patient portal and more.


  • Multi-Facility : Shoonyata EMR has multiple facility management ability i.e., Electronic Health Records for multiple branches spread across wide geographical area can be managed by a single application.
  • Encounter Workflow : Shoonyata EMR supports workflows for managing patient visits. All stages of patient visit viz. appointment, registration, consultation, procedure orders, pharmacy dispense, billing, checkout, no show, late arrival etc. can be easily managed.
  • Message Centre: Securely send/receive protected health information to/fro messages satisfying the three MU2 criteria.
  • Integrated Pharmacy/Labs :  Shoonyata EMR has integrated Pharmacy and Labs modules. Creation of multiple lab services within single facility to target different diagnostics are a breeze with Shoonyata EMR. Inventory of pharmacy products helps in searching medications while prescribing.
  • Patient Portal : Shoonyata EMR Patient Portal enables patients to book/cancel appointments, check their lab reports, test results, medical problems, medications and allergies. Patient portal is also compatible with mobile devices.
  • Customisable :  Shoonyata EMR is extremely customisable  with abilities to add or modify various lists and create different roles for users by customising Access Control Lists.
  • Security : Shoonyata EMR  encrypts patient data and supports fine-grained per-user access controls.Communication between browser and server can also be encrypted by installing suitable SSL certificate.